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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Friday Randomness: Transracial???

I am going to be honest fellow readers, Friday’s are quickly becoming one of my favorite days to blog. It is the one day that we get to discuss things that aren’t running related. I have been pretty anxious to talk about the big story in the news this week, Rachel Dolezal the head of Spokane Washington chapter of the NAACP who lied about her race.

Where do I even begin with this whole thing? First I think I need to give her some kind of credit for pulling off one of the funniest deceptions ever, a white person running the NAACP. That is like a man being in charge of the National Organization for Woman. In all honesty though this lady is off her rocker if you ask me. First she played stupid when asked “Are you African American?” I may not be the brightest man out but I am pretty sure that is a yes or a no type of question, yet she answered with “I don’t understand the question.” This is isn’t rocket science lady this a simple question as to what color is your skin? Finally when she was outed by her white parents she used the excuse that she was Transracial, saying she always felt black as a child. She even went as far as saying when she would draw herself at the age of five she chose the brown crayon over the peach color. Fuck that means my whole life has been a lie and I am green, because I used to choose the green crayon over the peach. Let me go back to the word she used Transracial, which she brought up after saying she knew how Bruce Jenner felt, and she felt the same way just instead she was black trapped in a white person’s body. I am calling bullshit on this and here is why. The difference between Transgender and Transracial is biological make up. Your race has nothing to do with your biological make up. Bruce Jenner said he always felt that he was a girl from a young age, and if you talk to other transgender people they will say roughly the same thing. They always say something just didn’t feel right. Now my question is how in the hell do you know what a person feels like based on their skin color? For real though, a man is still a man and a woman is still a woman no matter what color they are. If you were born white and brought up never seeing or knowing a black person you would NEVER feel that you were black, because skin color is something you don’t feel. You would have to be around the lifestyle of that person and then you might say I fit in better with that color, but that doesn’t make you transracial, and it doesn’t make you that color. You might be born a guy though and never introduced to a woman and there is a chance you would still feel something is out of place with your body. Last point on this subject is until recently color couldn’t even be determined with a DNA test, and the most recent test out are only 50 percent accurate when identifying skin color.

You need more proof this lady needs to get some serious help? Who legit says “those people claiming to be my parents may not be because we never had a DNA test done.” Would someone please call this lady’s bluff and do a DNA test so we can all get a good laugh when it comes back that she is white. If I was her parents first I would ask where did we go wrong with this one, and secondly I would legit disown my kid for being that big of an asshole and saying something like that. Hey as far as I know my parents and I never had a DNA test done, but I am pretty sure that they are my parents. Don’t get me wrong sometimes I do question did I really come from this family, but I am not about to get on national TV and say my parents may not be mine. (I am pretty sure at some point my parents looked at me and said are we sure this asshole is ours) Here is the best kicker to all of this shit though that this lady is spewing. In 2002 she attended Howard University which is predominately a black school. She sued them because she felt that she was being discriminated against because of her skin color. So you’re white in college while you were suing the school, but after college you are black and fighting for black rights. Which is it? You can’t have the best of both worlds you are either one or the other, well unless you are bi-racial but that is beside the point.

Have you ever had that one friend that was white and only hung with black people, or was black and only hung with white people? The person usually has to first get accepted by the group and they realize that he or she is an alright person and they don’t judge based on skin color. Well I feel like this lady just found a loophole in the system and said fuck it I will just tan and change my appearance and say I am one of them. Clever as it may be it is still wrong!!! I feel like I am watching a really fucked up version of the movie White Chicks just the other way around. I mean technically isn’t what she did considered “black face”?

Let me hear your thoughts on this, do you think she really is Transracial?

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