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I am an avid runner and have been running since I was 15 years old. I began running low to medium distances while on my high school track team, running the 800 meter and 1600 meter races (I was a sub 5 miler and a 2 minute 800 runner). In addition to the track team, I also joined the cross country team. After high school I still wanted to run and decided to start doing road races. I have probably ran a couple hundred 5k races (16.29 PR)along with many 10k's as well. In 2009 I decided to step up my game and try to tackle my first marathon. I will be honest; the only reason I did this was because my father ran a few and I wanted to show him that I could do what he did. I trained poorly for my first one and regret it. If you are going to run a race, train like you want to win. I still continue to run marathons and other distances as well, and every race is a chance for me to better myself.
I started this blog to hopefully communicate with other runners and to shed any knowledge I may have about the sport that can help other runners. I believe running is the best sport and can be a great stress reliever. I encourage all runners to spread the word of our sport and show people why running is so good and why the community of runners has such great people. You can follow me on twitter @byrne1324 or find me on facebook- Shaun Byrne

Sunday, October 5, 2014

2 Weeks Until Columbus Marathon

     2 Weeks or 14 days, it doesn't matter how you say it but the Columbus Marathon is upon us.  Today I was asked if I am nervous or excited. The answer is both. I am nervous when I go into any race, if you aren't nervous than you aren't normal. However I am more excited than anything. I feel like this race is going to be a defining race for me. Every race is a learning experience and we are supposed to take our mishaps from each race and use them to better ourselves for our next race.  Well I have ran a few marathons and some things I had no control over, but others I did poorly because I wasn't ready or I planned poorly. I am hoping with Columbus I can really use everything I have learned from my own experience's and the lessons taught to me from other runners and run my best race.  The ultimate goals are to run a safe and smart race.  A personal best time would be nice and so would a Boston qualifying time.  

     This week is what I call my get back week for training.  I just came off of 2 weeks of tapering and this week my goal was to start slowly introducing the miles until the week of the marathon would be a week in which I do a very long run at marathon speed. 

MONDAY:  4.5 miles at a 8:30 pace.  It is crazy how when I started this training session a few months ago to now how much easier the runs have became.  I hardly broke a sweat on this run and I almost didn't even feel like I was warmed up yet.  All good signs with a big race coming up.

TUESDAY: 4 miles at 8:05 pace.  I started this run going fairly slow and each mile I just picking up speed.  I did not intend to run negative splits but when I finished and looked at my Garmin and went over the mile splits I realized I did it without trying.  This is what I want to see this close to a race. I want to be able to pick up the speed and feel like I am still running a comfortable pace. 

WEDNESDAY:  CROSS TRAINING:  Instead of going to the gym for my cross training I stayed home and did burpees with some crunches, throwing in a few arm exercises as well . After talking to some obstacle runners, it was suggested that I do a burpee challenge in order to get usedd to them.  In any obstacle race there is a good chance you will be doing burpees.  Next season I plan on doing just as many obstacle races as road races and I want to be ready.  My goal for next season is to qualify again for the National Championship race. 

THURSDAY: REST DAY:  The only thing I did on this day was some burpees in order to keep up on my challenge, rather than that it was a rest day.

FRIDAY: I did a 2 mile speed workout on the treadmill at the gym followed by a leg workout.  This is about the time I will start to make sure my legs are loose for the race.  When I am at the gym I will be making sure to do some sort of leg or hip workout. In previous marathons I have gotten to mile 18 and then my leg muscles will start to spasm.  I think it was from going at a speed faster than I trained at for that far of a distance.  This time around I tried to do some race pace runs of long distance and I have worked on building the muscle in my upper legs.

SATURDAY: I woke up early and headed out for a 15 miler. It was only 42 degrees when I started my run.  Normally I would bitch about the temperature but I will take 42 degrees on race day anytime.  I decided not to look at my Garmin until I was finished. I wanted to run a comfortable pace and not worry about trying to pick up or drop speed.  I was amazed when I finished and looked at the Garmin and saw a pace of 8:58.  I felt so good and I thought I was going much slower.  A huge confidence booster for my last long run over 10 miles. 

SUNDAY: TODAY:  CROSS TRAINING:  I will be heading to the gym later tonight to do some chest and shoulder exercise's.  I will also be doing my burpees in order to stay on track with my challenge.  If there is some time I will use a few machines to loosen my hips. 
      This morning Amanda and I went to Soergel's Orchard in Wexford to pick some apples and buy some things in their market.  I came across some pasta noodles that they had for Halloween. The noodles were in the shape of pumpkins and cats.  I then found more noodles that they had for every sport basically.  I laughed and thought to myself I highly doubt they will have anything running related. Wrong!!!  they actually have a running pasta.  Noodles in the shape of little shoes and a person in stride. 
Next week's training will be a lot like this week. The runs during the week will be a little longer but the long run will only be a 10 miler. I am ready for this race and hope these last 2 weeks fly by.
How is your training coming?  


  1. It sounds like every run confirms how ready you are for the race. You are going to totally crush it. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

    Oh, and a burpee challenge is a great idea. I hate burpees because they're so hard. My strength training workout calls for a bunch of them, but I always skip them. I should try to do even just one set of 10 every day.

    1. Thank you!!!! Ya I am not a fan of the burpees but after talking to these guys, they say that it is the best excercise for core workouts.

  2. I'm so happy I wasnt the only one running a 15 miler two weeks before the race! I felt all alone! I hope to be able to see you in Cbus! Everyone has been training so hard. Make sure you wait around an hour after you finish to see me finish lol

    1. I think you will be waiting for me, lol... Hopefully we run into each other at the expo or at the start or finish. Good luck!!!