Thursday, January 9, 2014

Run Injured Free and Gain Efficiency

     As 2014 begins many people have posted their goals for the year and most seem to start with an injury free year. I too would like an injury free year. I can tell you from experience freak accidents can happen that you are not able to control. However, if you can up your odds for that injury free year, would you?

     James Dunne (Twitter: @KineticRev) wrote a great article on 6 ways to improve efficiency. I encourage all of you to read this article:

      I will not go into detail of each technique because I would rather you read the article for yourself and have it explained by the writer, James Dunne. James does say that these techniques will help prevent injuries and also improve your efficiency. From my own experience I have to agree 100 percent with him on this.


1. Avoid over-striding

2. Run Tall
3. Relax your shoulders

4. Strengthen your glutes and core

5. Don’t bounce or twist excessively

6. Control your breathing

    In my opinion, these techniques are very useful. I used to run very tense and had no control over my breathing. Since I have asthma, this made running very difficult. Once I learned how to control my breathing and relax, I was soon running with ease. This is my first year in which I have really started strength training and have noticed a significant difference in just a few weeks. My times are improving and I have noticed less cramps. I do not think I bounce a lot when I run, but today while running at the gym I started to watch other runners and noticed a good amount of people slumped over and bouncing while running. I also noticed that they didn’t last half of what I did and they looked to be in way more pain than me. As I grow as a runner I am always trying to improve and find a way to stay injury free. Keeping these techniques in mind I honestly believe I will be doing both.

     Maybe you use other techniques or can add some more insight on some of the techniques in James Dunne's article. Please share with us.


  1. Thanks for sharing this Shaun! There is so much every runner can do to improve their form. For me, it all starts at the hips!

    1. Crazy you say the hips because during my first marathon my hips are what prevented me from running a good time.. The pain I got in them was excruciating. I really need to start working on my hips for my marathon in May